Name of dog:
Dick (Zavagli)  
Pedigree number:
LIRRC93L1681 LOI99/76624
Date of birth:
It.Ch, Ch.Ripr.
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
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. ., Ula LIRRC93L2116        
Billy LIRRC94L3552 male        
Levi LIRRC94L3553 female        

. ., Ava LIRRC93L1445        
Heidi LIRRC94L3536 female        

. ., Beba LIRRC93L1746        
Charly LIRRC95L3884 male        
Clea LIRRC95L3885 female        
Chira LIRRC95L3886 female        
Ctitti LIRRC95L3887 female        

1994.06.15, Ary LIRRC93L1654        
Cory LIRRC95L3628 female        
Caterina LIRRC95L3629 S28988/95 female white with orange A    

1995.01.02, Ava LIRRC93L1445        
Dog (Polverari) LIRRC95L3903 male white with brown      
Mora (Polverari) LIRRC95L3904 female white with brown      
Diana (Polverari) LIRRC95L3905 female white      
Perla (Polverari) LIRRC95L3906 female white with brown      
Bob (Polverari) LIRRC95L3907 male brown      

1995.05.08, Dea LIRRC93L1283        
Teo (Tognazzi) LIRRC95L4084 SHSBA03557 male brown      
Leo (Tognazzi) LIRRC95L4085 male white with brown      
Dea (Tognazzi) LIRRC95L4086 female white with brown      

1995.06.01, Lara (Zaffagnini) LIRRC93L2192        
Arno (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4273 male white with brown      
Storm (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4274 male brown      
Vento (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4275 male white with orange      
Ice (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4276 male white with orange B    
Tuffista (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4277 SHSBA03692 female brownroan B    
Lara (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4278 female brownroan      
Supra (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4279 female brownroan      
Morina (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4280 female brown      
Tea (Zaffagnini) LIRRC96L4281 female brown      

1995.06.15, Bianca LIRRC93L1499        
Toy (Capitani) LIRRC96L4124 male Brown with white      
Sissy (Capitani) LIRRC96L4125 female Brown with white      
Minny (Capitani) LIRRC96L4126 female Brown with white      
Jessy (Capitani) LIRRC96L4127 SHSBA03618 female white with brown A    
Bessy (Capitani) LIRRC96L4128 female white with brown      

1995.08.23, Ava LIRRC93L1445        
Tina (Polverari) LIRRC96L4407 female orange      

1996.04.24, Ava LIRRC93L1445        
Dea (Polverari) LIRRC96L4836 female white with orange      
Bianca (Polverari) LIRRC96L4837 female white with orange      
Grazia (Polverari) LIRRC96L4838 female white with orange      

1996.06.12, Nana' LIRRC93L1977        
Rol (Zavagli) LIRRC96L4923 male brown      
Dino (Zavagli) LIRRC96L4924 SHSBA04028 male brown B +-  
Lea (Zavagli) LIRRC96L4925 female brown      
Lara (Zavagli) LIRRC96L4926 SHSBA04450 female white with brown B    

1996.10.03, Olga LIRRC93L2193        
Reno (Zaffagnini) LIRRC97L5201 male white with orange      
Bil (Zaffagnini) LIRRC97L5202 male Brown with white      
Pula (Zaffagnini) LIRRC97L5203 female brown      
Furia (Zaffagnini) LIRRC97L5204 female brown      
Stella (Zaffagnini) LIRRC97L5205 female white      

1997.04.20, Kira LIRRC93L2530        
Mora (Medri) LIR98/9003 female brown      

1997.05.20, Ula LIRRC93L2116        
Tata S23580/99 female white      

1998.05.31, Luna LIRRC94L3426        
Ronaldo (Pelagatti) LIR99/67892 male brown A    
Gilda (Pelagatti) LIR99/67903 female white      

1998.07.10, Ala del Ginestreto LIRRC96L4776 white with brown      
Martin (Fabiani) LIR99/32331 male white with orange      

1998.12.05, Morine LIRRC94L3557        
Otto del Ginestreto LIR99/151655 male brownroan      
Lola del Ginestreto LIR99/151657 female brownroan      
Gaia del Ginestreto LIR99/151658 female brownroan      
Guendalina del Ginestreto LIR99/151660 female white with brown      
Giada del Ginestreto LIR99/151661 SHSBA05171 female white with brown A +-  

1999.06.14, Djana del Ginestreto LIRRC96L4964 white with brown      
Leo (Carini) LIR99/185369 female white      
Rex (Carini) LIR99/185370 male white      
Lampo (Carini) LIR99/185373 male white      
Bil (Carini) LIR99/185376 male brown      

1999.07.16, Fiamma del Ginestreto LIRRC96L4775 white with brown      
Barolo del Ginestreto LIR00/69465 male white with orange      
Loca del Ginestreto LIR00/69466 female white with orange      
Stella del Ginestreto LIR00/69467 female white      
Lara del Ginestreto LIR00/69468 LOF13/7 female white B    
Maron del Ginestreto LIR00/71386 male brown      

2000.06.24, Miss del Ginestreto LIRRC96L4963 white with brown      
Lillo del Ginestreto LIR01/70880 male brown      
Afro del Ginestreto LIR01/70887 male brown      
Euro del Ginestreto LIR01/70888 male white      
Ardea del Ginestreto LIR01/70889 female orange      
Viola del Ginestreto LIR01/70891 female white with brown      

2002.04.20, Lady (Moroni) LIRRC96L4136 white with brown      
Sira (Treno) LIR02/128382 female white with brown      
Kicca (Treno) LIR02/128383 female brown      
Taco (Treno) LIR02/128384 male brown      
Roky (Treno) LIR02/128386 male white with brown      
Taico (Treno) LIR02/128387 male brown      


Half siblings from father:

Half siblings from mother: