Name of dog:
Alan (Profili)    
Pedigree number:
LIRRC96L4738 LOI99/110234
Date of birth:
white with brown
SuCH, ItCH, LuCh, MxCh, EuCh, WCh
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white       - - - -
- -
- - -
- -
- - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Mina LIRRC93L2516       - - - -
- -
- - -
- -
- - - -
- -
- - -
- -

1998.06.16, Kelly LIRRC93L1449        
Mirella (Ciacci) LIR99/10411 S30862/99 female white with brown      
Ester (Ciacci) LIR99/10414 female brownroan      
Mirca (Ciacci) LIR99/10416 female white with brown      
Omar (Ciacci) LIR99/10417 male white      
Olimpia (Ciacci) LIR99/10418 female brownroan      
Odessa (Ciacci) LIR99/10419 female white      
Oxa (Ciacci) LIR99/10420 female brownroan      
Victor (Ciacci) LIR99/10422 male brownroan      

1998.08.20, Gea di Spicciano LIRRC95L3877 white with orange      
Orietta (Orlando) LIR99/53417 female brownroan      
Omer (Orlando) LIR99/53419 male white with orange      
Olly (Orlando) LIR99/53422 female white with orange      
Olga (Orlando) LIR99/53425 female white with orange      
Orfeo (Orlando) LIR99/53426 S39622/99 male white A    
Orfea (Orlando) LIR99/53433 female white      

1999.03.19, Khicca (Olivi) LIRRC97L5322 Brown with white      
Pilla (Signoretti) LIR99/144265 female white with orange      
Pola (Signoretti) LIR99/144266 female white with orange      
Laika (Signoretti) LIR99/144267 female white with brown      
Pisa (Signoretti) LIR99/144268 female brownroan      
Perla (Signoretti) LIR99/144269 female white with brown      
Rolly (Signoretti) LIR99/144270 male white with orange      
Olli (Signoretti) LIR99/144271 male brownroan      

1999.06.16, Biba LIRRC93L3065        
Jeff (Montesi) LIR99/174931 male white      
Steeredebeaurivage (Montesi) LIR99/174934 male white with orange      
Pittideisagrati (Montesi) LIR99/174936 female Brown with white      
Priscilla (Montesi) LIR99/174938 female white with orange      

2000.09.28, Biba LIRRC93L3065        
Mallen (Montesi) LIR01/61054 male white with orange      
Asterix (Montesi) LIR01/61055 male Brown with white      
Laggy (Montesi) LIR01/61056 male white with orange      
Kim (Montesi) LIR01/61057 male Brown with white      
Diana (Montesi) LIR01/61058 S55278/2002 female white with orange B    
Dana (Montesi) LIR01/61059 female white with orange      
Malena (Montesi) LIR01/61060 female Brown with white      
Dolma (Montesi) LIR01/61061 female Brown with white      

2000.12.14, Pompea (Ciacci) LIR99/157936 brownroan A    
Marina (Ciacci) LIR01/85093 female brownroan      
Gaia (Ciacci) LIR01/85095 female white with orange      
Flaminia (Ciacci) LIR01/85096 female white with brown      
Spillo (Ciacci) LIR01/85097 male white with orange      
Annibale (Ciacci) LIR01/85098 male white with orange      
Alceo (Ciacci) LIR01/85099 male white with brown      
Tomas (Ciacci) LIR01/85100 male white with brown      
Extraordinerio (Ciacci) LIR01/85101 male white with brown      

2001.03.10, Lola (Feriani) LIR99/13688 brown      
Asso (Giglioni) LIR01/103668 male white with brown      
Darko (Giglioni) LIR01/103669 male white with brown      
Scila (Giglioni) LIR01/103671 female white with orange      
Umbra (Giglioni) LIR01/103672 female orange with white      
Kuna (Giglioni) LIR01/103674 female Brown with white      

2001.05.07, Maia (Amadori P.) LIR99/32145 white with brown      
Venere (Biagioli) LIR01/146067 female white with brown      
Ercole (Biagioli) LIR01/146068 male white with orange      
Goku (Biagioli) LIR01/146071 male white with brown      
Plutone (Biagioli) LIR01/146073 male brownroan      
Cleopatra (Biagioni) LIR01/146076 female brownroan      
Piccolocesare (Biagioli) LIR01/146080 male brownroan      

2001.05.28, Astra di Casa Cleo LIR99/12021 brown      
Albano (Tempesta) LIR01/149099 male white with brown      
Aziz (Tempesta) LIR01/149100 male brownroan      
Advance (Tempesta) LIR01/149101 female Brown with white      
Amir (Tempesta) LIR01/149102 DK01306/2002 female Brown with white C    
Arabel (Tempesta) LIR01/149103 female white      

2001.09.27, Kelly LIRRC93L1449        
Alfio della Metaurense LIR02/2458 male white with brown B    
Bianca della Metaurense LIR02/2459 female white B    
Tita della Metaurense LIR02/2460 female white      
Cesira della Metaurense LIR02/2461 female white with brown      
Marta della Metaurense LIR02/2462 female white with brown      
Mira della Metaurense LIR02/2463 female white with brown      
Biba della Metaurense LIR02/2464 NHSB2350876 female white with brown A    

2001.11.09, Dora (Romagnoli G.) LIR00/79476 white with brown A    
Dacia del Monte della Dea LIR02/37642 female white with brown      
Dolli del Monte della Dea LIR02/37643 female white with orange      
Dic del Monte della Dea LIR02/37645 male white with orange      
Dago del Monte della Dea LIR02/37646 male white with brown      
Duc del Monte della Dea LIR02/37648 male white with brown      
Das del Monte della Dea LIR02/37649 male white with brown      

2002.04.24, Perla (Valente) LIR99/158766 orange      
Lilla (Mastriforti) LIR02/109914 female white with orange      
Lolita (Mastriforti) LIR02/109916 female brownroan      

2003.03.18, Emy (Marinelli) LIR01/34416 white with brown      
Dudu' (Liloia) LIR03/142824 male brownroan      
Fatima (Liloia) LIR03/142825 female white with orange      
Titty (Liloia) LIR03/142826 female brownroan      
Pupa (Liloia) LIR03/142827 female brownroan      
Selva (Liloia) LIR03/142828 female brownroan      

2003.04.17, Mila (Marinelli) LIR01/34414 white B    
Lina della Metaurense LIR03/77864 female white with orange      
Agata della Metaurense LIR03/77865 female white with orange      
Sirio della Metaurense LIR03/77866 male white with orange      
Liana della Metaurense LIR03/77867 female white with orange      
Erminio della Metaurense LIR03/77868 male brownroan      
Melania della Metaurense LIR03/77869 female brownroan      
Donatello della Metaurense LIR03/77870 male white with orange      
Milena della Metaurense LIR03/77871 female white with orange      
Euro delle Metaurense LIR03/77872 male white with orange A    

2003.10.15, Alice della Metaurense LIR02/79921 white with orange      
Toska delle Metaurense LIR04/9036 female white with brown      

2004.03.24, Perla (Valente) LIR99/158766 orange      
Gigi (Mastriforti) LIR04/83672 male brownroan A    
Pippo (Mastriforti) LIR04/83673 male brownroan      
Miele (Mastriforti) LIR04/83674 male white with orange      
Lilla (Mastriforti) LIR04/83675 female brownroan      
Dora (Mastriforti) LIR04/83676 female brownroan      
Zara (Mastriforti) LIR04/83677 female white with orange      

2004.04.15, Cry Out Anastasia LIR02/30642 NHSB2475654 brown C    
Giovanni van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503195 male white with brown      
Gimgnano van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503196 male Brown with white      
Gotta van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503197 male orange      
Gino van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503198 male orange with white      
Gina van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503199 female white with brown      
Grace Balou van de Vliegende Kiep NHSB2503200 female white with brown      

2004.04.18, Sissi (Marinelli) LIR02/63996 white A    
Remi' (Malangone) LIR04/126133 male brownroan      
Dolly (Malangone) LIR04/126134 female brownroan      

2004.07.24, Frida di Casa Cleo LIR01/173990 white      
Luna (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123603 female orange      
Lisa (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123604 female brown      
Lea (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123605 female white      
Liu' (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123606 female white      
Tobia (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123608 male brownroan      
Teddy (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123610 male white      
Teo (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123611 male white      
Tommy (Ugolini F.) LIR04/123612 male white with orange      

2005.03.17, Elettra del Monte della Dea LOI03/53202 brownroan B    
Nancy del Monte della Dea LOI05/85955 female brownroan      
Nuvola del Monte della Dea LOI05/85956 female white with brown      
Niko del Monte della Dea LOI05/85957 male brownroan      
Nebbia del Monte della Dea LOI05/85958 male brownroan      
Nemo del Monte della Dea LOI05/85959 male white with orange      

2005.09.03, Frida della Metaurense LIR04/126812 white with orange B    
Brico della Metaurense LIR06/31513 male white with brown      
Buio della Metaurense LIR06/31514 male white with brown      
John della Metaurense LIR06/31515 male white with brown      
Jacky della Metaurense LIR06/31516 male white with orange      
Ibra della Metaurense LIR06/31517 male white with orange      
Valentino della Metaurense LIR06/31518 FCA1 male white with orange      

2006.04.09, Filly delle Farnie LIR01/140891 brownroan      
White (Mistura) LIR06/110038 male brownroan      
Alan (Mistura) LIR06/110039 male brownroan      
Peter (Mistura) LIR06/110040 male brownroan      
Alex (Mistura) LIR06/110041 male brownroan      
Ivan (Mistura) LIR06/110042 male brownroan      
Lola (Mistura) LIR06/110043 female brownroan      

2006.04.16, Rosi di Casa Cleo LOI03/69509 white      
Pool (Ricci G.) LOI06/109878 male brownroan      
Pipporui (Ricci G.) LOI06/109881 male brownroan      
Pitt (Ricci G.) LOI06/109882 male white      
Bill (Ricci G.) LOI06/109883 LOSM8/3651/09 male white with orange      
Cheo (Ricci G.) LOI06/109884 female brown      
Patt (Ricci G.) LOI06/109885 female brownroan      

2006.08.28, Frida della Metaurense LIR04/126812 white with orange B    
Toto' della Metaurense LIR07/52786 male white with orange      
Lupin della Metaurense LIR07/52787 male brownroan      
Luna della Metaurense LIR07/52788 female white with orange      
Lola della Metaurense LIR07/52789 female white with orange      
Emily della Metaurense LIR07/52790 female brownroan      
Kira della Metaurense LIR07/52791 female white with orange      

2008.01.12, Zoe (Agostini) LIR03/55518 white with orange      
Shira (Tiberi) LIR08/126217 female white with orange      
Mila (Tiberi) LIR08/126220 female white with orange      
Bill (Tiberi) LIR08/126224 male white      
Dick (Tiberi) LIR08/126227 male white with orange      
Full (Tiberi) LIR08/126229 male brownroan      

Mosca (Profili) LIRRC96L4737 1996.03.28 female brownroan      
Malu' (Profili) LIRRC96L4739 1996.03.28 female brownroan      
Moana (Profili) LIRRC96L4740 1996.03.28 female brownroan      
Mal (Profili) LIRRC96L4741 1996.03.28 male white      
Max (Profili) LIRRC96L4742 1996.03.28 male white      
Donjuandemarco (Profili) LIRRC96L4743 1996.03.28 male white      

Half siblings from father:
Bea delle Farnie LIRRC95L3893 . . female        
Hydra delle Farnie LIRRC95L3894 LOIRC160776 . . female        
Paxi delle Farnie LIRRC95L3897 . . male        
Otto delle Farnie LIRRC95L3898 . . male        
Billy LIRRC95L3805 . . male        
Zorro (Morara) LIRRC94L3518 . . male        
Fiocco (Morara) LIRRC94L3519 . . male        
Taiga (Morara) LIRRC94L3520 . . male        
Sniff (Morara) LIRRC94L3521 . . male        
Minu' (Morara) LIRRC94L3522 . . male        
Ugo (Morara) LIRRC94L3523 . . male        
Mich (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3559 . . male        
Mir (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3560 . . male        
Rudy (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3561 . . male        
Lillo (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3562 . . male        
Moira (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3563 . . female        
Bruk (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3564 . . female        
Luna (Piancastelli) LIRRC94L3565 . . female        
Asso LIRRC94L3466 . . male        
Donna LIRRC95L3661 . . female        
Lola (Billi) LIRRC93L1970 1993.05.08 female white with orange      
Oscar (Fabbri M.) LIRRC95L3916 1995.02.01 male white with orange      
Zorro (Fabbri M.) LIRRC95L3917 1995.02.01 male white      
Susi (Fabbri M.) LIRRC95L3918 1995.02.01 female white      
Axia (Fabbri M.) LIRRC95L3919 1995.02.01 female white      
Birba (Fabbri M.) LIRRC95L3920 1995.02.01 female white with brown      
Luna (Bianconcini) LIRRC95L4111 1995.02.12 female white      
Perla (Bianconcini) LIRRC95L4112 1995.02.12 female white      
Pola (Bianconcini) LIRRC95L4113 1995.02.12 female white      
Dea (Bianconcini) LIRRC95L4114 1995.02.12 female white      
Ckriss (Bianconcini) LIRRC95L4115 1995.02.12 female white      
Silla (Rabitti) LIRRC96L4259 S38909/2001 1995.04.01 female brownroan      
Silu' (Rabitti) LIRRC96L4260 LOI01/112736 1995.04.01 male brownroan C    
Reza (Rabitti) LIRRC96L4261 1995.04.01 male white with brown      
Jach (Rabitti) LIRRC96L4262 1995.04.01 male white with orange      
Pico (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3988 1995.04.01 male white with brown      
Rudy (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3989 1995.04.01 male white      
Dusca (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3990 1995.04.01 female white with brown      
Stellina (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3991 1995.04.01 female white with brown      
Aidi (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3992 1995.04.01 female white      
Milly (Piancastelli) LIRRC95L3993 1995.04.01 female white      
Arno (Bianconi) LIRRC96L4356 1995.07.01 male white with orange      
Ala (Bianconi) LIRRC96L4357 1995.07.01 female white      
Rochi (Bettoli) LIRRC96L4355 1995.08.04 male white      
Brio (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4432 1995.08.12 male white with orange      
Brik (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4433 1995.08.12 male white with orange      
Breck (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4434 1995.08.12 male white with orange      
Billy (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4435 1995.08.12 male white with orange      
Cora (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4436 1995.08.12 female white with orange      
Lady (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4437 1995.08.12 female white with orange      
Ara (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4369 1995.08.20 female white with orange      
Ala (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4370 1995.08.20 female white with orange      
Ambra (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4371 1995.08.20 female white with orange      
Argo (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4372 1995.08.20 male white with orange      
Al (Giglioli) LIRRC96L4373 1995.08.20 male white with orange      
Tommy (Bassi) LIRRC96L4524 1995.11.25 male white with orange      
Bianco (Bassi) LIRRC96L4525 1995.11.25 male white with orange      
Ras (Bassi) LIRRC96L4526 1995.11.25 male white with orange      
Reo (Bassi) LIRRC96L4527 1995.11.25 male white with orange      
Birba (Bassi) LIRRC96L4528 1995.11.25 female white with orange      
Tofy (Bassi) LIRRC96L4529 1995.11.25 female white with orange      
Bianca (Bassi) LIRRC96L4530 1995.11.25 female white with orange A    
Lilla (Bassi) LIRRC96L4531 1995.11.25 female white with orange      
Ambra (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4812 1996.01.10 female white      
Asca (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4813 1996.01.10 female white      
Alfa (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4814 1996.01.10 female white      
Ali' (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4815 1996.01.10 male white      
Argo (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4816 1996.01.10 male white      
Akim (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4817 1996.01.10 male white      
Ari' (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4818 1996.01.10 male white      
Alex (Chiarugi) LIRRC96L4819 1996.01.10 male white      
Dik (Mimuli) LIRRC96L4670 1996.02.05 male white      
Patty (Mimuli) LIRRC96L4671 1996.02.05 female white B    
Goghen (Mimuli) LIRRC96L4672 1996.02.05 female white      
Gaia (Mimuli) LIRRC96L4673 1996.02.05 female white      
Brina (Brienza) LIRRC97L5125 1996.02.09 female white with orange      
Piuma (Brienza) LIRRC97L5126 1996.02.09 female white with orange      
Zara (Brienza) LIRRC97L5127 1996.02.09 female white with orange      
Rochi (Brienza) LIRRC97L5128 1996.02.09 male white with orange      
Lampo (Bettoli) LIRRC96L4764 1996.03.31 male white      
Terry (Bettoli) LIRRC96L4765 1996.03.31 male white      
Zora (Bettoli) LIRRC96L4766 1996.03.31 female white      
Chicca (Bettoli) LIRRC96L4767 1996.03.31 female white      
Pippo (Benincasa) LIRRC97L5134 1996.08.10 male white with orange      
Birillo (Benincasa) LIRRC97L5135 1996.08.10 male white with orange      
Birba (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5357 1996.09.10 female white with orange      
Brina (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5358 1996.09.10 female white with orange      
Bessi (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5359 1996.09.10 female white with orange      
Beba (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5360 1996.09.10 female white with orange      
Barbi (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5361 1996.09.10 female white with orange      
Birk (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5362 1996.09.10 male white with orange      
Billi (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5363 1996.09.10 male white with orange      
Bobi (Giglioli) LIRRC97L5364 1996.09.10 male white with brown      
Arrov (Baraccani) LIRRC97L5329 1996.09.19 male white      
Arien (Baraccani) LIRRC97L5330 1996.09.19 male white      
Aki (Baraccani) LIRRC97L5331 1996.09.19 male white with brown      
Arina (Baraccani) LIRRC97L5332 1996.09.19 female white      
Anida (Baraccani) LIRRC97L5333 1996.09.19 female white      
Matisse (Vagnini) LIR98/9924 LOI01/58886 FINER44030/03 DK22494/2004 1997.05.13 female white B    
Imola (Vagnini) LIR98/9930 S34919/98 1997.05.13 female white with brown      
Susy (Vagnini) LOI01/117259 1997.05.13 female white with brown      
Lola (Sartoni Giu.) LIR98/37151 1997.06.08 female white      
Daisy (Sartoni Giu.) LIR98/37152 1997.06.08 female white      
Zara (Sartoni Giu) LIR98/37154 1997.06.08 female white      
Tom (Sartoni Giu.) LIR98/37155 1997.06.08 male white      
Lampo (Sartoni Giu) LIR98/37157 1997.06.08 male white      
Gilda (Chiarugi) LIR98/52534 1997.08.04 female white with orange      
Checca (Mengoli) LIR99/108949 1998.03.31 female white with brown      
Zara (Leoni) LIR99/226 1998.05.12 female brownroan      
Emma (Leoni) LIR99/227 S31972/99 1998.05.12 female brownroan      
Titti (Leoni) LIR99/228 1998.05.12 male brownroan      
Dash (Leoni) LIR99/229 1998.05.12 male white      
Jack (Leoni) LIR99/230 1998.05.12 male white      
Kira (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31547 1998.05.30 female white      
Kim (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31549 1998.05.30 male white      
York (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31554 1998.05.30 male brownroan      
Peterpan (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31555 FINER37741/99 1998.05.30 male white with brown D    
Zorro (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31557 1998.05.30 male white with brown      
Jack (Ferlini) LIR99/67884 1998.06.04 male white A    
Roll (Ferlini) LIR99/67888 1998.06.04 male white with brown B    
Perla de la Métairie Boisée LOF2/2 1999.01.22 female brownroan A    
Pokhara de la Métairie Boisée LOF3 1999.01.22 female white      
Brina della Cascinetta LIR99/158134 1999.04.16 female white with brown      
Asia (Giani) LIR99/154795 1999.04.23 female white with brown      
Samba (Giani) LIR99/154796 1999.04.23 female white      
Boss (Giani) LIR99/154797 1999.04.23 male brownroan      
Bog (Giani) LIR99/154798 1999.04.23 male white with brown      
Pirullo (Giani) LIR99/154802 1999.04.23 male white with brown      
Raf (Giani) LIR99/154803 1999.04.23 male white with brown      
Pul (Giani) LIR99/154804 1999.04.23 male white      
Lula (Giani) LIR99/154805 1999.04.23 female white      
Bull (Giani) LIR99/154806 1999.04.23 male white with brown      
Tokyo (Zotti) LIR00/32978 1999.05.13 male brown      
Zorro (Zotti) LIR00/32979 1999.05.13 male white      
Luna (Zotti) LIR00/32980 1999.05.13 female white      
Sarah delle Farnie LOI99/160082 1999.05.25 female brownroan      
Arnis delle Farnie LOI99/160083 1999.05.25 female white A    
Iboya delle Farnie LOI99/160084 SHSBA05177 1999.05.25 female brownroan      
Lara (Bregolisse) LIR99/171436 1999.05.26 female white      
Selva (Orsi) LIR00/123771 1999.12.02 female brownroan      
Prima au Grand Arc en Ciel (Orsi) LIR00/123773 LOF7/5 1999.12.02 female brownroan C    
Enkir (Orsi) LIR00/123774 1999.12.02 female brownroan      
Diana (Orsi) LIR00/123775 1999.12.02 female white with orange      
Roma (Bettoli) LIR00/122457 LOF12/6 2000.03.27 female white with orange A    
Bak (Baraccani) LIR01/4097 2000.05.19 male white with orange      
Beba (Baraccani) LIR01/4099 2000.05.19 female white with brown      
Rok (Orsi) LIR01/28022 2000.09.07 male white      
Rex (Orsi) LIR01/28023 2000.09.07 male brownroan      
Kelly (Orsi) LIR01/28028 2000.09.07 female white with brown      
Gina (Orsi) LIR01/28029 2000.09.07 female white      
Drex della Cascinetta LIR01/159688 2001.04.24 male white with orange      
Duck della Cascinetta LIR01/159691 2001.04.24 male white with orange B    
Brina della Cascinetta LIR01/159692 2001.04.24 female white with orange      
Lola (Pagano) LIR01/187287 2001.06.25 female white      
Gimmy (Pagano) LIR01/187289 2001.06.25 male white      
Rol (Pagano) LIR01/187292 2001.06.25 male white      
Fox (Pagano) LIR01/187293 2001.06.25 male white      
Tommy (Pagano) LIR01/187296 2001.06.25 male white      
Gemma (Pagano) LIR01/187297 2001.06.25 female white      
Turbo (Morara) LIR02/136622 2002.03.14 male white with orange      
Laki (Morara) LIR02/136624 2002.03.14 male white with orange      
Jury (Morara) LIR02/136626 2002.03.14 male white with orange      
Maxia (Morara) LIR02/136627 2002.03.14 female white with orange B    
Zira (Morara) LIR02/136628 2002.03.14 female white with orange      
Zara (Morara) LIR02/136630 2002.03.14 female white with orange      
Diana (Morara) LIR02/136631 2002.03.14 female white with orange      
Bleck (Clienti) LIR02/115360 2002.03.23 male white with orange      
Dogo (Clienti) LIR02/115361 2002.03.23 male white with orange      
Lino (Clienti) LIR02/115362 2002.03.23 male white with brown      
Tita (Clienti) LIR02/115365 2002.03.23 female white with brown      
Diana (Clienti) LIR02/115367 2002.03.23 female white with orange      
Lea (Clienti) LIR02/115368 2002.03.23 female white with brown      
Pepe (Magnani L) LIR02/130138 2002.04.03 male white with orange      
Cihu (Magnani L.) LIR02/130150 2002.04.03 male white with orange      
Meghi (Magnani L.) LIR02/130154 2002.04.03 female white with orange      
Birba (Magnani L.) LIR02/130155 2002.04.03 female white with brown      
Luna (Magnani L.) LIR02/130156 2002.04.03 female white with brown      
Alex (Bollini) LIR03/18097 2002.05.19 male brownroan      
Sarno (Bollini) LIR03/18098 2002.05.19 male brownroan      
Poker (Bollini) LIR03/18099 2002.05.19 male white with brown      
Laky (Bollini) LIR03/18100 2002.05.19 male white      
Perla (Bollini) LIR03/18101 2002.05.19 female brownroan      
Lucy (Bollini) LIR03/18102 2002.05.19 female brownroan      
Dea (Bollini) LIR03/18103 2002.05.19 female white with brown      
Uber (Marangoni Se.) LIR03/71577 2002.12.30 male white      
Uto (Marangoni Se.) LIR03/71578 2002.12.30 male white      
Ugo (Marangoni Se.) LIR03/71579 2002.12.30 male white with brown B    
Ursa (Marangoni Se.) LIR03/71580 2002.12.30 female brownroan      
Gjmmy (Ferri) LIR04/35518 2003.05.06 male brownroan      
Jarno (Ferri) LIR04/35519 2003.05.06 male white with orange A    
Lilla (Ferri) LIR04/35520 2003.05.06 female brownroan      
Lea (Ferri) LIR04/35521 2003.05.06 female brownroan      
Arnia (Ferri) LIR04/35522 2003.05.06 female white with brown      
Arna (Ferri) LIR04/35523 2003.05.06 female white with orange A    
Maica (Ferri) LIR04/35524 2003.05.06 female white with orange      

Half siblings from mother: